Friday, November 22, 2013

Using Twitter and Hashtags to Market Real Estate

The slow real estate market means agents and buyers need to use every possible method of getting information about a property for sale to buyers and other real state agents. Social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook offer this ability easily and quickly. One of the best methods is posting a property tweet onto Twitter especially if each property post also uses hashtags.

What are hashtags? They are words using the # symbol in front of them, such as #realestate. They direct tweets into the topic or topics of choice depending on what tags are used in the tweet. What this means is when you put a tweet about a specific property for sale not only do your followers have the chance to see it but anyone following the topic can also see it. Many times there will be a much larger number of people following the hashtagged topics than you will have in your own follower list. Some of the poplar tags for real estate are #realestate, #realtor #land but you may also do one for a specific location. Example if a property is for sale in Atlanta the give it the hashtags #realestate and #Atlanta and it will be seen in each topic within seconds.

One great benefit of using hashtags is if you have no or very few followers you can still get your property listing in front of the people who are currently followings that related topic. Also, Google will quickly index the tweet so its possible to have your property showing on Google in a matter on minutes! hashtags are also a great way to get new followers on Twitter.

Next time you post on Twitter for any reason consider using hashtags.

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