Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to Use This One Handy Piece of Marketing Real Estate to Get More Clients

There is one piece of handy marketing real estate that you may have forgotten about that can easily attract more clients. It's something you look at every single day. It's that space right below your email signature. When this space is used in the most optimal way, you will entice your reader to take action, establish credibility and get more clients.

Unfortunately, over and over again I see many entrepreneurs make an easily correctable mistake when utilizing this marketing space. They believe they are giving a call to action when they write, "Visit our Website" or "Sign Up for My Ezine". Yet, those statements simply do not compel the reader to take action.

The best way to keep it compelling is to describe the benefit to them when they click on your link. Ask yourself, "what's in it for them"? If you're a chiropractor, do you give weekly health tips that will help your ideal clients lose weight or become more fit? At the end of email, you might write, "For life-saving health tips, click here" rather than "Sign up for my Newsletter". If you're a speaker, instead of the standard "Visit Our Website", write "Watch This Audience's Reaction When I Told Them About [insert the benefit and include a compelling video of your speech on YouTube].

Sharon McRill, CEO of The Betty Brigade, a concierge company in Ann Arbor, MI (and who is a media magnet) uses it for added value. After her signature, you'll see "As seen in Women's Day Magazine" and a link to the article where she contributed organization tips. Part of the secret to her success is that when she is responding to media requests, the writers get to see the other articles where she has been quoted. What a great way to repurpose her PR and establish her credibility!

There are many marketing messages you can place in this space, including:

- An upcoming event you're hosting

- An announcement about a book you're launching

- A description of your ideal referral

Remember to optimize this space by including:

- Regular updates to your message so it stays relevant and fresh.

- A different color font than the rest of your signature to attract the reader's attention.

- A compelling call to action with an active link.

Each time you have a new event, published article, or new product, include a short message about it in your email signature. When you regularly use a compelling phrase in this valuable and handy piece of real estate, it will leave your reader so intrigued that they can't help but click on that link helping you to get more clients.