Monday, November 25, 2013

Real Estate Industry Disappointed with Internet Results

The real estate industry viewed and continues to view the Internet as their portal to a vast population of buyers and sellers in their area and beyond.

Website after website has popped up across the Internet and website designers have created entire businesses around the real estate industry.

Though there are a number of real estate professionals who are pleased with the results of their investment, many real estate professionals are quite disappointed with the results of their often considerable investment.

The reality for many real estate professionals that invested in having a website designed and developed is they simply chose the wrong design firm. Often mesmerized by bells and whistles, real estate professionals lost sight of the true key to success: results!

In real estate location is everything, the same is true for real estate professionals on the Internet. Having the most beautifully designed website on the Internet with every bell and whistle possible is certainly nice, but is it worth the investment?

Real estate brokers and agents must ask themselves how successful they will be in selling the most amazing house they ever saw if they are unable to show it to anyone. If no one sees it - will anyone buy it?

With the overwhelming majority of real estate professionals having a finite budget for website development and marketing it is important to spend that budget wisely.

Though a good portion of a budget should be spent on the design and development of a website, a larger portion should be spent on the marketing and optimization of the website so your newly designed website is seen and can actually be a source of leads for your business.

Investing in the development of a website without investing in the optimization and marketing of the website is akin to building a great restaurant in the middle of the desert. Sure those limited visitors that may come to your restaurant may be impressed, the traffic is simply not strong enough to sustain it.

The most successful real estate professionals on the Internet are investing in both website development and optimization/marketing. Selecting design firms that handle SEO and marketing has proved successful for those real estate professionals that are looking to tap into the great potential of the Internet.

In a business where location is everything, it is time real estate professionals heed their own advice and consider the location of their website in search engine result for real estate.