Thursday, October 24, 2013

Real Estate Marketing

There are a lot of people down and out in this economy, millions are losing their homes to foreclosure causing others to be somewhat skeptical to buy. Though right now would be a cheaper time to purchase a house, it may not be the most profitable and busy time for most Realtors. Now, Realtors have to step their game up to convince their client that this is the time to buy so why wait?

One important aspect of real estate marketing is setting your Realtor company apart from all the others in a positive way, make potential clients see that you know what you are talking about. As time has passed, real estate marketing has become more and more competitive, you have to give potential clients a reason to choose your business over all the others. This doesn't mean you have to take substantially lower commissions on house sold or place your television ad fifty times a day. Do something with your business that others aren't and market it well.

Part of being a long-staying power in realty is to have your previous clients happy and by word of mouth they will recommend you to friends and family. This means tell potential buyers all the information, positive and negative about the property they are about to buy. Surprises are not a good thing, especially when the buyers find out they need a whole new septic system.

Keep a good line of communication with the seller and the buyer, most people don't know what to do when they are buying or selling a property, the last thing they want is for their Realtor to be difficult to reach. Let them know that you are in the loop when it comes to prospective buyers or sellers.

The main possibilities when selling a property are usually sale by auction, sale by tender, sale at a price, sale by negotiation, expressions of interest, trade or exchange. Selling a property at price isn't usually the best idea when marketing real estate. Set the price a little higher, but not too high, and be willing to fluctuate with the buyer while still keeping the seller happy. If the property is still on the market after ninety days it becomes stale. The best thing to do would be to take it off, make some minor improvements and try again after a few weeks.

Try to develop a GANTT model so the client knows what your plan with the property is and it is mapped out for them with this graphic display tool. Have a question and answer time so everyone is well informed. Also make sure you have some sort of an exclusive selling agency agreement so everyone is fair to you also.These steps should help start your real estate marketing ventures and be successful.