Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Real Estate Marketing - How To Generate 800 % More Leads From Your Real Estate Website

More and more person are looking to the web to find and buy real estate properties.
Many real estate agents are successfully using search engine marketing to get new
qualified customers at a much lower cost than newspapers advertising.

Marketing real estate through search engine optimization is an excellent solution for
real estate agents. They can reach people who they would not be able to reach by using
conventional advertising. Real estate search engine optimization give you a global reach
at a much lower cost and help you obtain more leads.

Money for money, real estate SEO services provide the best ROI (return on investment)
for your advertising dollar. So, how can you generate 800% more leads from your real
estate web site? At First lets get straight to the point; Having a real estate web
site without proper SEO is like taking your client listing without actively advertising
his home.

If you wish to market your real estate web site on the internet you need to create a
keywords rich site that target your area and customers. You must not only reach your
targeted audience, but also turn prospects into buyer. You must develop your title, description
and keywords tags in a SEO manner. The key is to attract the right prospect to the right property.
Create a keywords rich page for each new listings you get and optimize your meta content with proper keywords density.

Most realtors are making the mistake of spending a ton of money in web design
without proper search engine optimization.

What are the odds that a potential buyer will find your listing?