Sunday, October 20, 2013

Real Estate Internet Marketing Strategy: Free Real Estate Leads With Video Marketing

Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges real estate agents face in today's extremely competitive market. While most agents have a website, many don't know how to drive targeted traffic to it. Especially, how to do this all for free. Here is just one of the many things you can do to get potential buyers and sellers to visit your site.

You have probably heard that in October 2006 Google purchased YouTube ( When an Internet giant like Google makes such a business move, rest assured that it signals a significant future advertising trend.

Short videos are immensely popular on the Internet, but still few people use it to market real estate online. Only few Realtors rely on internet videos as means to drive targeted traffic to their websites.

  • There are still relatively few real-estate videos online.
  • Most of these videos are not set up properly, and are poorly positioned for search engine placement.
  • Configured with the right keywords, your video can earn very high rankings in natural search engine results. This translates into lots of free web traffic down the road.
Here is how you can capitalize on this emerging trend. Instead of a traditional virtual tour (posting a number of still images in a slide show), shoot an actual video either with a handy cam, a webcam, or your digital camera's video function. Once you have your video, submit it to search engines. Use a title that accurately describes your video. It is most important that your title contain your preferred keywords. In the Description section, use a keyword rich discussion. In the "Description" section, remember to designate a link to your website! Otherwise, all your directing and producing efforts are in vain, and visitors will not be able to navigate directly to your website.

If you know you are not an inspiring video producer but you still would like to capitalize on the power of video advertising, you can have them made for you for about the same price as you would otherwise pay for a traditional virtual tour. However, traditional virtual tours do not offer the same traffic generation power.

You can check out for a great company that will produce video format virtual tours for you. They will even offer to upload and submit your videos to Google Video, YouTube, Yahoo Video, and Conclusion Video Marketing can significantly contribute to your real estate internet marketing efforts. It can help you drive lots of targeted traffic to your website. But don't forget, you still need to convert this traffic into leads and then convert those leads into clients. If you'd like some help getting started, refer to the website listed below. Happy Lead Generation and Good Luck with real estate internet marketing!

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