Saturday, December 7, 2013

Using Real Estate Letters to Prospect During Slow Housing Markets

While some people view the current real estate market as slow, other real estate professionals are seeking ways to capitalize. The current real estate market presents a variety of ways in which to profit for professionals within the industry. One proven method of marketing during slow housing markets is to leverage real estate letters. Real estate investors, individuals and families looking to trade up and first time home buyers are just a few of the prime target markets during these economic times.

Real Estate Investors

A slow housing market presents a variety of opportunities for real estate investors to capitalize. Some investors are seeking buy to hold strategies, some are looking to capitalize on the foreclosure market and some are seeking to buy and flip. You can effectively market to this prime group of real estate investors through using a drip marketing mail campaign.

Move Up Opportunities

Reduced prices in housing present an enticing opportunity for individuals and families looking to move up in the real estate market. With the opportunity to buy a larger property at often the same or only slightly higher pricing, many property owners are choosing to take the plunge. Take the opportunity to market to your previous clients as well as targeted home owners to capitalize on the present opportunity to trade up properties.

First Time Home Buyer Opportunities

For many who have desired to enter the real estate market for the first time, no time is better than the present. With suppressed property pricing, many first time home buyers are able to get into properties that they may not have been able to afford in the recent years. You can leverage this pricing opportunity by utilizing real estate letters. Market to renters in your area over the next few months, emphasizing not only the opportunities present in reduced pricing, but also in historically low interest rates.

Despite the current slow housing market, your real estate business could be expanding. Leverage the power of real estate letters to target market to real estate investors, individuals and families looking to move up the property ladder and renters who are looking to become first time home buyers.