Thursday, December 12, 2013

Are You Using All of Your Marketing Real Estate?

When planning a marketing strategy, it's easy to get caught up in the major pieces of the puzzle and overlook some of the smaller, but equally impactful, ways to communicate your message AND build your database. Certainly your website, blog, logo, letterhead, overall branding look and feel are going to command the most attention from your clients and prospects, but below are a few of the smaller pieces of marketing real estate worth trying. Whenever possible, even in your printed materials, be sure to have a link back to an online lead- capturing mechanism, or an opt-in form so that you are always building your database of interested prospects. Here are 10 hidden gems:

- Your email signature.
Don't just sign off with your name and title; be sure to add your carefully crafted tagline, and a link to your ezine sign-up page.

- Back of your business card.
Print two-sided biz cards, and use the backside to ask a few "pull" questions that draw your prospect in to YOU (or your product or your services) as the solution to their problem. Provide a Web link on the front or the back of the card to that same registration link.

- Author's block.
To maximize search-engine "findability" in every article, white paper, and printed collateral you publish, be sure to provide an "author's block" of text with not only your company name, contact info, and tagline but also a link to a registration form. This could be for a specific white paper or article that is appropriate to the subject matter of the article, or to your ezine sign-up.

- Your Social Media profiles.
Fill out all your online profiles carefully, using your strongest keywords for maximum "findability" and a link to (you guessed it) your registration page.

- Your LinkedIn profile.
You are allowed three URL options in your "Website" area. Use them well, pointing to your website (where you have your main marketing message), your blog, and some other informational page. All of these should have a sign-up opportunity; it may not be the same one on each, but don't miss an opportunity to capture a name.

- "Direct Message" on Twitter.
If you use an automated Direct Message (DM) back to people who have connected to you, invite your followers to sign up for your ezine, and provide a link.

- Four-color postcard.
in addition to a biz card, how about having a 4-color postcard printed with your photo, or your company logo and details about a specific offer or event, and a link to your website. It will definitely stand out!

- Voicemail greeting.
On your voicemail outgoing message, provide your name and company name, and also give the listener the Web link to your content-rich newsletter, with valuable information on whatever problems you solve.

- Company stationery.
Put your message on your letterhead, envelopes, forms, even invoices (you never know!)

- So is it tchotchke, or tchachke, or chochke?
On any branded promotional items that you give away, include your logo and a link to you.

I'm sure there are many more examples. Don't overlook small but valuable locations to tell your message and build your list.