Thursday, January 16, 2014

5 Guidelines for Successful Real Estate Postcards Marketing

What makes real estate postcards appealing is the ease with which they can be produced and distributed. In addition, the costs of production and distribution are not as high as other traditional forms of marketing and one need not have a highfalutin background to start creating one.

There are those, however, who view real estate postcards as time-consuming and slow to effect. On the contrary, postcards are effective and resilient. Their returns are high, immediate and long-lasting particularly when utilized the right way.

Simple though it is, real estate postcards marketing is not completely invincible. Maintaining positive results would require you to adhere and customize your marketing plan according to the following guidelines:

1. Gauge the outcome.

If the immediate output can be measured, then by all means forecast your postcard marketing's chances of succeeding. Remember that some will respond and some will not. Be prepared therefore for any eventuality - be it signups at your website, requests for information, emails or various other offers and queries. Anticipate a series of discussions with different prospects.

An indicator that your real estate postcards marketing plan has worked is the number of initial appointments you get as soon as the postcards are produced and distributed. With the right timing and the right mix of strategies, they can create a number of listings and sales on a quarterly and yearly basis.

As a realtor or agent, what you need to do is record all pertinent information - results, listings, sales and initial appointments - for at least five minutes a day. Do not forget to note the sources for each piece of data. Look at all angles and see which part generated more results. Pick out components of your real postcard estate marketing plan which provoked the best consumer feedback. Streamline and take out less effective portions of the plan.

2. Sport a forward-looking design.

By forward-looking, we mean postcards designed to generate results. The designs therefore should be deliberate and well crafted for particular audiences. Include important elements like the realtor's picture on either side, a powerful and specific message that is appealing to the perception of your intended market/s, the right combination and arrangement of color, design, fonts and layout, images of the home/s for sale, and contact information or other components that induce prospects to act.

3. Remember the value of consistency.

The goal of real estate postcards marketing is to make a brand out of your real estate business. One sure way to lose some of your branding points, however, is to ignore consistency. Do not say one thing in one material and another and in a different postcard. Always put your name out there too and ensure a frequency of 9 to 12 times annually to a high-value market of your choosing. To penetrate other targeted markets, 4 to 12 times a year should do it just fine. The targeted market has to have your name in mind as a premier realtor.

4. Aim for high-value markets.

Markets are groups with a common denominator such as age, race, ethnicity, gender, culture, preference, and the like. Some of these groups can bring more value to your business compared to the rest. As you formulate strategies that can actualize your real estate postcards marketing plan, focus on the high-value markets as these will bring you more returns on your investments. These markets are likely to make your efforts worthwhile.

Notable high-value markets need not be some place far and difficult to access. They could be your friends, those closest to you whom you can tap anytime for support. Your neighborhood can be a high-value market or perhaps your workplace. For grander prospecting, there are various geographic or demographic markets you can always pursue. Just make sure your resources are ready and you have energy to hold on to.

5. Anticipate the needs of your clientele.

If you have been doing real estate postcards marketing for quite some time now, then you should have known by now that customers almost always ask this question: What is in it for them? Try not to make the postcards the go-between. As much as possible, your clients should already understand what is in it for them the moment they look at the postcard. Everything else should be self-explanatory. The message should already inculcate in your readers the necessity of buying and/or selling a property. This is one powerful clue that your postcards marketing has indeed worked!

Take these five guidelines into serious consideration and you will be on your way to a successful real estate postcards marketing campaign!